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Chrome Hearts

Across the US and worldwide, the Chrome Hearts brand is well-known for its collection of silver jewellery and eyewear, made entirely by hand in its Los Angeles workshops. The pieces are famous for their “raw” style and unique polishing technique which enhances the embossed designs. Most pieces feature symbols that mean something to the brand, such as the Maltese cross and dagger or the fleur de lys—symbols guaranteed to catch the eye. Each piece is gothic inspired, with evocative, and often, provocative product names.

The original Chrome Hearts eyewear collection was launched in 2002. Though it typically takes most eyewear brands six months to make a new line from drawing board to boutique, each pair of Chrome Hearts glasses is the result of the two-year labor of love. Why? Because Richard Stark, the founder of the brand, recognises the value in the design stage itself, seeing it as a straight stretch of creativity and artisanal virtuosity.

UENO Eyewear is the sole official authorised dealer and corporate partner of Chrome Hearts in New Zealand. Come visit our stores in Auckland and Queenstown to check out the newest collection.

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